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Deciding to hire a private investigator can be a stressful decision. Are they experienced? Are they trustworthy? Will someone find out about this? These are all normal questions to ask. Adams Kansas City Investigations Detective Agency has you covered. With years of experience conducting confidential investigations with state of the art technology, we are here to help make the decision to hire an investigator an easy one.

Our Hours

We are available 24/7 to assist you with your investigative needs. We will work when it is necessary to find the crucial evidence you need for your case or peace of mind.

Service Area

We provide thorough and professional investigations throughout the state of Missouri.

Our Missouri investigators will travel throughout the state to uncover the answers you are looking for. Give us a call at (816) 853-9769 to get your case on track.

Civil Investigations

Our investigators will dive into your civil case to review the information and gather supplemental evidence for your trial. All evidence is gathered within Missouri state law to ensure that it is acceptable in court.

Criminal Investigations

We review criminal charges and the evidence that is put forward. We can be an asset to your criminal case by assessing this information and conducting additional investigations to bring more information to light.

Background Checks

We conduct complete and thorough background checks on their own or to supplement other investigations. Background checks can verify personal information and uncover warning signs for potential employees or for personal reasons.

Asset Location

We research public records and other court documents to determine the ownership of business assets, bank accounts, property, and more. This information can be used to supplement fraud, bankruptcy, and other investigations.

Process Service

Legally serving an individual documents to notify them of their involvement in a court case. Our Kansas City process servers are efficient when serving paperwork so that your case can continue in a timely manner.


We use photography, videography, and general observation to gather evidence on a subject's behavior and whereabouts. We use modern technologies and methods to gather this evidence for our clients to use for personal or legal matters.

Missing Persons

We utilize surveillance and conduct interviews to uncover a missing individual's whereabouts. These matters are time-sensitive so we work swiftly to give you peace of mind.

Other Investigations

These are just a few of our investigative offerings. We also have experience assisting with domestic, insurance, personal injury, homicide, drug, and white-collar cases. Our company prides itself on our work ethic and we are confident we can be an asset to your case.

About Us

Adams Kansas City Investigations Detective Agency delivers our clients big results. We are proud members of The Council of International Investigators and Missouri Investigators Association. With countless years in the industry, we have the experience to get you the results you are searching for.

We provide tailored services to a variety of clients including law firms, corporations, and private individuals seeking investigations throughout the state of Missouri. We are completely transparent throughout the duration of your investigation, you will not have to chase us for answers. Our company stresses communication. We have a passion for investigations and helping those seeking answers.

Adams Kansas City Investigations Detective Agency uses modern surveillance equipment, online databases, and proven effective investigative tactics while in the field. We understand that there will always be a need for private investigators and we strive to make the decision to hire one easy for you.




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